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Grafisk Profil - Klareberg Redovisning

logotyp, färger, typsnitt

Vi designade den grafiska profilen för ett litet revisorsföretag som är en god vän till oss.

Client: North Trampoline
Models: Domitrick, Jesse Heffels, Melvin Jandermark & Fillips Koch.
Location: Lokomotivet, Gothenburg.
Product: Performance Revolution launch
Our Work: Film direction, photography & retouch.

The brand of North Trampoline & its early products were really birthed in the midst of the vast Norwegian nature. It was an epic launch and many other brands followed that approach later on. The challenge & idea behind our marketing concept this time was to introduce trampolines into an environment the product had never been marketed through before;
The URBAN scenery.  

This is PART II/ II
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Director & Photography:
Bas van den Eijkhof
Film photographer: Domitrick, Jesse Heffels, Melvin Jandermark & Fillips Koch.
Coordinator: Lokomotivet, Gothenburg.
Product Designer: Thomas Hagel, Erik Birgersson.
Marketing Manager: Jonas Lund, North Trampoline.
Film editor: Bas van den Eijkhof

Klarebergs Redovisning AB

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